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B&W seaplane  1
What Was The First Aircraft Boeing Built?

The company's history dates back more than a century.

An RAF HP Hastings C2 parked at an airfield. 1
On This Day In 1946 The Handley Page Hastings Made Its First Flight

The Handley Page Hastings was used during the Berlin Airlift.

An Aer Lingus A330 rolls towards the runway.  1
65 Years Of Crossing The Pond: A History Of Aer Lingus' Transatlantic Operations

The Irish national airliner recently marked the 65th anniversary of its first flight across the Atlantic.

A Qatar Airways Airbus A321-231, registration A7-ADS, on the taxiway. 1
What Happened To Qatar Airways' Airbus A321s?

Qatar Airways used to have 12 Airbus A321-200s.

A CASA/IPTN CN-235 flying in the sky.  1
Spain's CASA/IPTN CN-235 Transport Aircraft: Everything You Need To Know

The CN-235 can be used in military and civilian roles.

A photo of the Hindenburg disaster. 1
How The Hindenburg Disaster Spelled The End For Interwar Airship Travel

The crash, deemed one of the worst air disasters, was a significant blow to the aviation industry.

Air France and KLM aircraft tails 1
19 Years Ago Today: The Merger Of Air France & KLM

The merger that changed European aviation.

A Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767 flying in the sky. 1
What Happened To Hawaiian Airlines' Boeing 767s?

The 767 was present at the carrier for almost two decades.

An Air Fiji Embraer EMB-110 aircraft at an airport. 1
TAROM Retro Tail 1
Aurelia Grigore: The Flight Attendant Who Cheated Death Twice

The 'black cat' certainly had nine lives

A Belgium Air Force Dassault Falcon 20 flying into Luxembourg. 1
60 Years Of Flight: The Story Of The Dassault Falcon 20

The Dassault Falcon 20 proved to be very popular with the military.

The Sikorsky S-29-A parked at a grass field.  1
Unique Biplane: Looking Back At The Sikorsky S-29-A

Only one Sikorsky S-29-A was ever built, and the A was for America.

A Spantax Convair 990A 30A, registration EC-BZO, flying low below the clouds. 1
Abandoned At The Airport: Spantax's Lost Convair 990 'Coronado'

A brief history of the airline, its history with the Convair 990, and one of the only remaining examples of the plane today.

Two Pilatus PC-9s of the Irish Air Corp flying in formation. 1
How Aviation's Transferable Skills Have Helped Irish Pilot Jim Gavin As A Gaelic Football Manager

Jim Gavin learned to fly in the Irish Air Corps and later joined the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

A United Airlines Boeing 737-500 on the ground at Chicago O'hare Airport. 1
Screen with a shot from Hooverphonic safety instruction video. 1
How Have Airlines Adapted Their Safety Videos To Aviation's Many Historical Changes?

Gone are the days of dull and identical explainers that put passengers to sleep.

Passengers disambarking from a BA aircraft in a hangar. 1
Examining British Airways' Relationship With The UK's King Charles

A look at King Charles' unique flying and non-flying relationship with his flag-carrying airline of choice.

A Malaysia-Singapore Airlines Boeing 737 on the taxiway. 1
Predecessor To Today's Giants: The Story Of Malayan Airways

Malayan Airways separated to become Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Finnair Airbus A350-900 1
Started With A 4 Passenger Float Plane: The History Of Finnair

The carrier celebrates 100 years of history this year.

1280px-Canadair_CL-600-2B19_Regional_Jet_CRJ-100ER_-_Air_France_(Brit_Air)_-_F-GRJB_-_LEMD 1
The Three Airlines That Merged To Form Air France's HOP! Brand

The consolidated airline was founded over a decade ago.

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