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A train arriving at a station in the UK. 1
Two Worlds Collide: When Pilots Try Their Hand At Driving Trains

There is a lot in common between the two.

ITA Aiways Airbus A350 1
ITA Launches New Rail+Plane Tickets With Trenitalia

ITA has partnered with Trenitalia to offer a convenient connection between ITA's network and the Frecciarossa rail service.

A Boeing LRV on the MBTA green line at Beacon and Hawes. 1
Did You Know: Boeing Used To Build Trains

One of the world’s largest aerospace defense organizations produced rail cars for crucial US cities.

Man on train looking out window at airplane 1
Antwerp University Staff Banned From Flights With Train Alternative

The move to have employees take trains where the journey is under eight hours is part of the institution's work to lower its environmental impact.

Emirates-(Expo-Green)-Airbus-A380-800-A6-EON-Full 1
Which Train Operating Companies Does Emirates Have Partnerships With?

The carrier is involved with several European passenger train operators.

Atr 72 sunset 1
The Impact Of Replacing Short Haul Flights With Trains

Industry advocacy bodies say new study suggests the environmental benefits of replacing flights with trains have limitations.

KLM E190 landing in Amsterdam 1