New York's John F. Kennedy (JFK) is the US' seventh-busiest airport by scheduled passenger flights this July-September (Q3). Not surprisingly, it falls to 18th place domestically, obviously because of LaGuardia in particular, but also Newark.

JFK is the first country-wide for international service. It has flights by 60+ international operators, as well as American, Delta, and JetBlue. While my first of three JFK articles looked at its top destinations, I now explore the airport's leading airlines.

JFK's leading ten airlines

While results would differ if domestic and international were separated, the following table summarizes JFK's whole passenger operation. It is based on flights, not seats, ASKs, or passengers.

JetBlue A320 American 777
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With more than one in every three flights, helped by fewer seats per flight, Delta is solidly first, based on OAG data. While JetBlue is second in itself, when added to Northeast Alliance partner American, the pair has 42.37%.


% of JFK's July-September passenger flights

Avg. daily departures**

JFK non-stop routes**




95 routes




83 routes




42 routes

Alaska Airlines



Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle

Avianca (all AOCs)



10 routes (incl. one-stop, same flight number to San Jose)

British Airways



London Heathrow, Gatwick

Virgin Atlantic



London Heathrow, Manchester

Air France



Paris CDG

ITA Airways



Milan, Rome

Aer Lingus



Dublin, Manchester, Shannon

* Averaged across the quarter, rounded, and one-way (double for both ways)

** Minimum five flights to be counted

Delta is #1

With more than a third of flights, Delta is JFK's leading carrier overall and domestically but is second to JetBlue internationally. Of course, this is primarily because JetBlue has three and a half times as many flights to the Caribbean, a good-sized slice of JetBlue's JFK pie.

Delta aircraft on stand at JFK
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Delta serves 96 destinations non-stop from JFK from July to September. These comprise 58 in North America (including 54 in the US), 23 in Europe, nine in the Caribbean, two in Africa, two in South America, and one in the Middle East.

Avianca is the leading foreign carrier

With 1.88% of JFK's total flights (3.44% for international), Avianca is JFK's top foreign carrier. While Avianca has a typical nine daily departures in the examined three months, they rise to a maximum of 11 daily on a handful of dates in July and August.

Avianca A319 landing at JFK
Photo: Lukas Wunderlich I Shutterstock.

Using the A320neo, A320ceo, and A319 (shown above), Avianca's various AOCs serve JFK from Bogotá, San Salvador, Medellín, Guayaquil, Quito, Guatemala City, Cartagena, Pereira, and Cali.

It also operates from San Jose via Guatemala City. As this has the same flight number and also stops en route, it is the definition of a 'direct' route. Operating three weekly, it arrives in JFK at the fun time of 02:45.

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'Unusual' airlines

JFK is the US' leading international gateway, with many 'unusual' international passenger carriers. While saying what is different is highly subjective and varies from person to person, they include Air Senegal, Kenya Airways, and Uzbekistan Airways.

Which airlines would you like to serve JFK? Let us know in the comments.