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Airbus A380 taking off from Dubai International Airport, 2009 1
Adulthood In Sight: 18 Years Ago The Airbus A380 Took Its 1st Flight

Following over a decade of research, design, and development, the superjumbo first took to the skies over Toulouse in April 2005.

Airbus China recycling centre 1
Airbus & Tarmac Aerosave Will Start Recycling Planes In China

The planemaker is forging ahead with a key element of its sustainability commitments.

Airbus A380 1
Checking In: What's The Status Of The First-Ever Airbus A380?

Rather than being installed in a museum, the first-ever Airbus A380 continues to be active.

An Azul Airbus A320neo painted with a Daisy livery  1
Airbus Is Already Expecting Next Year's A320neo Deliveries Will Be Delayed

The manufacturer is already managing the expectations of airlines expecting new aircraft deliveries in 2024.

An Air France A330 1
Court Rules Air France & Airbus Not Guilty Of AF 447 Manslaughter

The final verdict comes after French prosecutors found it was “impossible to demonstrate” the companies' guilt.

d-anrj condor a330neo 1
Condor Takes Delivery Of Airbus' 100th A330neo

Airbus has managed 100 A330neo orders in just over four years.

Lufthansa A380 on the ground 1
Lufthansa Ferries An Airbus A380 To Munich Via Leipzig Ahead Of June Return To Service

The aircraft is preparing to return to active passenger operations this June with its return to Boston and New York JFK airports.

An Airbus A321XLR on the taxiway. 1
Airbus Confirms Q1 2023 Deliveries Drop From 2022

Airbus needs to lift its output in Q2 to reach its goal of 720 aircraft delivered in 2023.

Airbus A350 Factory Mural 1
Airbus Deliveries Drop As Supply Chain Hits A350s

Airbus is under pressure to meet its 2023 production targets, but it seems the year has not got off to a great start.

Airbus A320 Family Final Assembly Line in Tianjin PC Airbus 1
Airbus Will Set Up A Second Final Assembly Line In China

The new line will help the manufacturer reach its target of delivering 75 aircraft per month in 2026.

Azerbaijan Airlines Airbus A320 1
Azerbaijan Airlines Places Airbus Order For 12 A320neo Family Planes

Azerbaijan Airlines is looking to replace its fleet of 10 Airbus A320ceo family aircraft with 12 new A320neo family aircraft.

Airbus A350 Factory Mural 1
Airbus' US Twitter Account Breached By "Unauthorized User"

Did you see the rogue tweet before it was deleted?

Airbus A350F 1
The 1st Airbus A350 Freighter Part Has Now Been Made

Production has started on the Airbus A350F, which is due to enter service in 2025.

Air China Airbus A350 1
Airbus Hopes For A Chinese Order To Coincide With French Presidential Trip

Could Airbus win another sales record from Chinese airlines this year?

GlobalX Airbus A320 1
Global Crossing Will Wet Lease Airbus Aircraft To TUI Netherlands

TUI Netherlands will receive two Airbus A320s and associated crew for its peak seasonal flights over the next three summers.

FlyArystan Airbus A320neo Delivery 1
FlyArystan's Fleet Grows With A 4th Airbus A320neo

The aircraft flew directly from the Airbus facility to Kazakhstan and will be named Apus, after the constellation in the southern sky.

easyJet A320 1
OAG Data Shows Airbus A320 As Last Year's Most-Used Aircraft By Available Seat Kilometers

Since 2008, the Airbus A320 has been the most productive aircraft in terms of Available Seat Kilometers (ASKs).

A380 DLH 1
Almost Half Of All A380s Are Still Stored, Scrapped, Or In Maintenance

As carriers slowly return the Airbus A380 to service, a significant number of aircraft remain on the ground.

Airbus A321neo Tianjin 1
Airbus' China Final Assembly Line Delivers Its 1st A321

The first of many China-assembled A321neos has been successfully delivered.

Airbus A321XLR @FrankReardon1. 3 1
In Photos: Another Week Of Airbus A321XLR Cold Weather Tests

The crew headed to Iqaluit, Canada, for F-WWAB to be put through its paces in -46 degrees celsius (-50 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures.