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B&W seaplane  1
What Was The First Aircraft Boeing Built?

The company's history dates back more than a century.

A British Airways Boeing 777-336(ER), registration G-STBA, flying in the sky. 1
One Year With British Airways Bronze Status: Is It Worth It?

The lowest tier of the Executive Club has some perks, but is it worth the cost?

Tokyo Haneda Airport At Night 1
What Is A Red Eye Flight? The Pros & Cons Of Flying On Red Eyes

Do you like traveling overnight?

Etihad A350 on the ground 1
Emirates Economy vs Etihad Economy: Which Airline Is Best?

Which of the two gulf carriers provides the best experience for long-haul economy travelers?

Finnair Airbus A350-900 1
Started With A 4 Passenger Float Plane: The History Of Finnair

The carrier celebrates 100 years of history this year.

First Sharklet A321 Rollout 1
Why Boeing Has Winglets And Airbus Has Sharklets

Comparing the designs of the two manufacturing powerhouses.

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 1
Alaska Airlines Forced To Remove Gendered Uniforms

The order is the result of a discrimination lawsuit filed by a non-binary and gender-fluid flight attendant.

Chris and Allison Bales posing for a photo in the cockpit of an aircraft. 1
United Airlines Captain Chris Bales To Fly Final Flight With His Daughter As First Officer

The senior airline official will retire after serving as a pilot with United Airlines for 38 years.

Delta Air Lines Airbus A350 1
The Different Classes Of Travel Offered By Delta Air Lines

The US legacy carrier offers a variety of different cabins across its fleet.

King Salman International Airport Interior 1
Saudi Arabia's Massive Airport Plans: What We Know So Far

The Middle Eastern powerhouse is investing heavily in its aviation sector.

British Airways Concorde 1
How Fast Did Concorde Actually Fly From New York To London?

The supersonic jet cut transatlantic journey times by more than half.

Lion Air Boeing 737 & Citilink Airbus A320 1
Spot The Difference: How To Tell The Airbus A320 & Boeing 737 Apart

There are several ways to identify the two narrowbodies.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 1
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 Business Class Review Las Vegas to London and Johannesburg

Flying Upper Class on the 787 isn't quite the A350 suite, but it's pretty good.

Airbus AlbatrossONE 1
What's the Latest with Airbus' AlbatrossONE Aircraft With Flapping Wings

The AlbatrossONE project tests semi-elastic wingtips to improve performance and efficiency in flights, with a new project taking it closer to reality.

Lukla Airport 1
Why Is Lukla Nicknamed The World's Most Dangerous Airport?

The facility is known for its steeply-graded runway.

concorde10 1
Throwback: When Four British Airways Concordes Flew In Formation

On Christmas Eve 1985, four British Airways Concordes flew in formation.

Emirates Airlines A380 1
5 Things That Make Emirates A Unique Airline

From larger entertainment screens to amenity kits for every fare, there's something special about Emirates.

Hughes H-4 Hercules Spruce Goose In Museum 1
Why The Spruce Goose Only Flew Once

Last November marked three-quarters of a century since the aircraft's one and only flight.

Gulfstream Jet 1
private jet
The Rules In Place On Kim Kardashian's Exclusive Gulfstream G650ER Private Jet

The billionaire designed it with plenty of cashmere.

Airplane In Fog 1
Flying In Fog: What Procedures Are In Place To Keep Planes & Their Occupants Safe?

How modern technology and standardized procedures help pilots deal with the challenges of flying in fog conditions.

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