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A first officer holding paperwork. 1
Why Printed Paperwork Still Plays An Important Role For Today's Pilots

An age-old method for modern aviation.

A first officer working in cockpit. 1
What Is A Pilot Deviation?

Inadvertent mistakes are rare but happen. Here's a look at the types of pilot deviations.

Westjet landing Toronto Calgaryplanes 1
WestJet Pilots To Picket On Monday

The pilot’s union and the airline have been negotiating contracts for over six months.

A Sun Country Airlines aircraft flying just just behind another aircraft in the distance. 1
Explained: The Working Principles Of TCAS

TCAS is highly reliable and is an integral part of aircraft operations.

A pilot and student inside an A320 simulator.  1
How Do Pilots Become Flight Instructors?

Killing two birds with one stone: this career path allows pilots to build their hours while getting paid.

An ANA Boeing 777-300ER on initial climb-out.  1
How Much Time Can Flights Make Up After Delayed Departures?

More time is made-up on the ground than in the air.

Pilots about to land an aircraft at night. 1
In Which Situations Can Pilots Leave The Cockpit Inflight?

Pilots need breaks from the flight deck, but security and safety are paramount.

A FedEx MD-11 flying past the Chugach Mountains. 1
What Is The GPWS & Why Is It Important?

One of the many critical systems of modern flight decks.

Two divers using parachutes as an aircraft flies overhead. 1
The Unique Challenges Faced By Skydiving Pilots

Jump pilots face complex challenges in safely transporting their parachuting passengers.

An SAS Airbus A350 taxiing to the runway. 1
How Does Maternity Leave Work For Pilots?

Northern European countries are well known for their maternity leave benefits.

A captain landing a Boeing 767. 1
What Types Of Approaches Do Pilots Use & In Which Situations?

A guide to the different terms and what they entail.

A bustling terminal at Malaga, Spain. 1
Five Questions The Traveling Public Asks Pilots

Inquiries from the terminal.

A Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 taking off. 1
What Is World Pilots' Day & Why Is It Important?

Turkish Airline pilots helped create World Pilots Day.

Southwest Airlines woman pilots 1
Airlines Across The World Celebrate International Pilots' Day

Celebrating the past, present, and future aviators.

easyJet Airbus A320 1
easyJet Is Searching For 200 New Cadet Pilots

Amid growing air travel demand easyJet is looking to stay ahead of the curve by training pilots from the ground up.

An Emirates Airbus A380 taxiing at Dubai International Airport. 1
Can Muslim Pilots Observe Fasts During Ramadan?

On-duty Muslim pilots do not have to fast during Ramadan.

Air France pilots about to land. 1
A pilot stands at the boarding gate area in an airport terminal. 1
A 24/7 Business: How Often Must Pilots Work Weekends?

This job with a great office view requires frequent weekend and holiday work. Here's a closer look.

A P51 Mustang flying in the sky. 1
How Do Turbochargers & Superchargers Work In Piston Engines?

Many have heard the terms; today we break them down.

A captain landing a Boeing 767. 1
A Guide to Pilot Background Checks

Ensuring the safety of the flying public.