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About Jack Herstam

Jack is an airline pilot in the United States. He previously worked as a flight instructor, where he discovered a passion for teaching about every topic related to flight, as well as mentoring prospective pilots. With a degree in Political Science, Ethnic Studies, and Philosophy from Santa Clara University, Jack is delighted to share his passion through writing with Simple Flying.

A first officer holding paperwork. 1
Why Printed Paperwork Still Plays An Important Role For Today's Pilots

An age-old method for modern aviation.

An ANA Boeing 777-300ER on initial climb-out.  1
How Much Time Can Flights Make Up After Delayed Departures?

More time is made-up on the ground than in the air.

The famous Hollywood sign with a Boeing 747 carrying a space shuttle in the background. 1
Do Movies About Aviation Realistically Portray Life In The Cockpit?

A handful of observations about plane movies.

A bustling terminal at Malaga, Spain. 1
Five Questions The Traveling Public Asks Pilots

Inquiries from the terminal.

Air France pilots about to land. 1
A captain landing a Boeing 767. 1
A Guide to Pilot Background Checks

Ensuring the safety of the flying public.

Travelers entering an airplane ready for departure at Eindhoven airport. 1
The Nuances Of Standby Flying

Insights on traveling without a confirmed seat.

A silhouetted crowd of passengers watiing to board.  1
Why Flights Are Allowed To Be Oversold

The reasons and methodology behind overselling flights.

A clear night at Dublin Airport. 1
Two pilots strolling through Hong Kong Int'l Airport. 1
Time Off As A Pilot: Are There Limits To How Much You Can Take At Once?

Why 90 days off is the magic number.

Airport gate agents standing in front of their work desk. 1
Unsung Heroes: The Role Of Gate Agents

A brief explanation of one of the hardest jobs at the airport.

The flight deck of an Airbus A350. 1
The Benefits Of Glass Cockpits: A Pilot's Perspective

Looking at the advantages of a technologically evolved flight deck.

A Delta Connect Embraer E175 departs while an American Airlines 777-300ER taxis beneath it at LAX. 1
Scope Clause: The Regional Airlines' Capacity Cap Explained

The reason why pilots' unions limit regional jets to 76 seats.

Service crew refuels United Airlines jet plane for a quick turn around on tarmac at busy LAX Los Angeles airport. 1
The Importance Of Fuel Management: A Pilot's Perspective

One of the many aspects of flight that pilots must stay on top of.

Aircraft lined up at New York JFK Airport 1
Delayed: Unseen Reasons For Your Late Departure

Explanations for travelers' misery that you might not have considered.

A plane approaching to land at dusk with the ATC tower in the background. 1
A Brief Guide To ATIS Weather Information

A look at the hourly updates provided by ATC.

Pilots at their preflight briefing.  1
Pilot Medical Certificates: Everything You Need To Know

Determining a pilot's fitness to fly.

A first officer checks his watch. 1
Time Flies: How Aviation Timekeeping Works

An explanation of Zulu time.

An Emirates A380 silhouettes the moon.  1
What Do Clock Changes Mean For The Aviation Industry?

Keeping time as time flies.

An Airbus A220 head-on view. 1
Why Do Jet Engines Keep Getting Larger?

In this case, bigger is better.

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