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PYTCHAir 727 1
What's The Latest With The 'PYTCHAir' Boeing 727 In Bristol?

The Boeing 727 has been in Bristol since early 2021 and is now in use as an office and events space, with more to come.

Boeing 727 fuselage and tail engines 1
Boeing 727 Freighter Evacuating 300 Refugees From Sudan Overshoots Runway

No injuries or fatalities have been reported, with the cause of the incident remaining unclear.

A freighter fuselage being converted to a living quarters. 1
How An Alaskan Flight School Is Repurposing Old Planes As Living Accomodation

Three freighters are getting a complete makeover.

Icelandair Boeing 727-108C 1
Gullfaxi: The Boeing 727 That Became Iceland's First Jet Aircraft

The story of the pioneering airliner.

Plain White Boeing 727 On Ground 1
What Were The Features That Made The Boeing 727 So Successful?

The trijet was one of the 20th century's best-selling commercial aircraft.

American Airlines Boeing 727 1
Who Were The Main Operators Of The Boeing 727?

More than 1,800 of the trijets were produced in a production cycle that spanned some 22 years.

Olympic Airways Boeing 727 1
The Man Who Lives Inside A Boeing 727

The decommissioned jet sits on a hillside in Oregon, having once flown for shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and his Olympic Airways.

Raytheon Boeing 727 1
Voodoo 1: The Raytheon Technologies Boeing 727 With A Pointy Nose

While VOODOO 1 may have a peculiar look, it fills a specific role that is critical to testing US defense systems.

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The Story Of The Boeing 727's Development

The Boeing 727 proved to be popular with airlines around the world.

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Spot The Difference - Boeing 727 Vs Hawker Siddeley Trident

The narrowbody trijets may have shared some commonality, but what were the key differences between the two airplanes?

Southwest Airlines Boeing 727 1
Forgotten Trijets: The Story Of Southwest Airlines' Short-Lived Boeing 727 Fleet

The carrier leased the aircraft from Braniff and PEOPLExpress.

United Airlines Boeing 727 1
Undetermined Power Loss: The 1969 Crash Of United Airlines Flight 266

It has now been 54 years since the flight came down in Santa Monica Bay.

Iran Air Boeing 727-200 1
Double Flame-Out: The Story Of Iran Air Flight 277

Severe icing caused two of the Boeing 727s engines to flame out.

Northwest Airlines Boeing 727 1
Losing An Engine Without Realising: The Story Of Northwest Airlines Flight 5

The aircraft was able to land safely despite the incident.

Boeing 727 1
A Brief Guide To The Boeing 727's Different Variants

During its 22-year production, Boeing built 1,832 units of the 727.

Northwest Airlines DC-9 1
32 Years On: How Two Northwest Airlines Jets Collided On The Runway In Detroit

Two Northwest Airlines planes collided after the pilots of a DC-9 entered an active runway by mistake.

Avianca Boeing 727 1
Downed By A Drug Cartel: The Story Of Avianca Flight 203

The flight was the subject of a bombing 33 years ago today.

oil spill response boeing 727 in action 1
Two Oil Spill Busting Boeing 727 Relocate To Teesside Following Doncaster Airport Closure

The converted Boeing 727 aircraft, which are modified to respond to oil spills, have moved to their new base at Teesside International Airport.

American Airlines Boeing 727 Tails 1
American Airlines Flight 383: The Boeing 727's Second Hull Loss

The trijet crashed in stormy conditions.

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Which Airliners Come With Their Own Built-In Stairs?

Ryanair loves having airstairs on its Boeing 737s.