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Continuing our brand-new feature for 2023 - Airport Of The Month - Simple Flying is delighted to reveal our nominated airport for April. Each month, we will celebrate an airport that has gone above and beyond in providing exceptional passenger experience and is investing to make our time spent in transit even better in the future.

For April 2023, Simple Flying has picked Los Angeles International Airport as our Airport Of The Month!

Airfield - LAWA Brosseau - 4
Los Angeles International Airport
Justin Erbacci
Terminal 1 |Terminal 2 |Terminal 3 |Tom Bradley International Terminal | Terminal 4 |Terminal 5 |Terminal 6 |Terminal 7 |Terminal 8

As one of the busiest airports in the USA, Los Angeles has been investing heavily in improving the passenger experience. A massive $30 billion has been allocated to improvement works, some of which are completed, with many more to come. With the Olympic Games coming in 2028, Los Angeles hopes to have everything locked down and tip-top in time for the big event, and it's turning it into just about a whole new airport.

The automated people mover, set to complete in 2024, will make moving between terminals easier. A consolidated rental car facility will open around the same time, and is set to be the largest vehicle rental hub in the world. For those driving themselves, a smart parking system will be implemented across all seven parking structures by the end of 2023, allowing people to reserve spaces in advance instead of driving around looking for somewhere to park.

LAX theme building and control tower at sunset
Photo: Los Angeles World Airports

Inside the terminals, biometric boarding has been implemented at Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) and is currently under consideration for a wider rollout. Common areas are being upgraded, and the newly opened West Gates at TBIT has added more capacity for airlines.

Terminals 2 and 3 are being consolidated into a major Delta hub, and work is starting on a similar project to consolidate Terminals 4 and 5. Terminal 6 is the subject of a major Alaska Airlines update, and various other concourses and facilities are either being expanded or improved. Added to all this, a brand new 1.4 million square foot building is in the design process, and will eventually form the brand new Terminal 9 for the airport.

Clearly, LAX is keen to shake off its image of being congested and aging with one of the most extensive makeovers ever seen in airport history. Justin Erbacci, Chief Executive Officer, LAWA, told Simple Flying,

“We are transforming LAX into a best-in-class guest experience that is efficient, pleasant and future-minded, and we are gratified that our efforts are being recognized, including with Simple Flying naming us the Airport of the Month."

“Our campus-wide improvement program touches all existing terminals and features innovative technology that give passengers control and predictability over their travel journey in the palms of their hands. We look forward to welcoming guests to experience all our airport has to offer and we will continue to bring new innovations, facilities, and amenities online in the coming years.”

With its post-pandemic recovery well underway, there's a lot to look forward to at LAX. Here's what you need to know about Los Angeles International Airport, our fourth Airport of the Month.

  • The Past, Present And Future Of LAX

    With more than seven decades in operation, LAX has a rich and colorful history. We take a look at its past and future here.

    Theme Building Architects Rendering
    Photo: Los Angeles World Airports
    • The History Of LAX

      In existence for more than 70 years, Los Angeles International has grown out of the wheat and barley fields of southern California to become one of the world’s most important aviation hubs. Here's how it all started...

      One of America's Busiest Airports: A Short History Of LAX
    • LAX people mover
      Photo: Los Angeles World Airports
    • The LAX People Mover Is Almost Complete

      The Los Angeles International Airport Automated People Mover is one of the most eagerly anticipated components of the massive upgrade project. This electric train system will run along a 2.25-mile elevated concrete guideway, connecting the central terminal area with two new ground transportation hubs in the east, a new Metro Rail connection and the world's biggest car rental hub.

      The Los Angeles International Airport People Mover Is Nearing Completion
  • The Complete Guide To Los Angeles International

    Which terminal do you need, and how can you get there? Is there a lounge? What about planespotting at LAX? We take a look at all this and more in our complete guide to the airport.

    Airport at LAX at night
    Photo: Los Angeles World Airports
    • Getting To, From And Around LAX

      With nine bustling terminals to navigate and a multitude of options for getting to and from the airport, dealing with LAX can be a challenge. Here’s the 101 on getting to, from and around the sprawling airport with less stress. 

      Getting To, From And Around LAX
  • Analyzing Los Angeles International

    Los Angeles International Airport ended 2022 with 65.9 million passengers, still not quite at pre-pandemic levels but the best year it's had since the challenges of 2020. This summer, it is the USA's sixth-busiest domestic airport and the nation's third-busiest internationally. We take a look at the busiest routes, airlines and aircraft types gracing LAX this year.

    airplane at LAX in the dark
    Photo: Los Angeles World Airports
    • Los Angeles International Airport’s Top 10 Largest Airlines

      Los Angeles is big for all types of airline traffic. Point to point, it remains a top destination for many visitors both within and arriving to the USA. Domestically, it's the 6th busiest in the USA, and as an international hub, it's the 3rd. We take a look at the biggest airlines at LAX this summer.

      Los Angeles International Airport’s Top 10 Largest Airlines
    • Los Angeles International's Most Used Airplane Types

      What can you spot at LAX? Pretty much everything is the answer, but some airplane types are more popular than others. We take a look at the most used airplane models out of LAX this summer, and which airlines are flying them.

      Top 10: Los Angeles International Airport’s Most Used Aircraft Types
    • Air New Zealand flying over the in-and-out burger near LAX
      Photo: Los Angeles World Airports
  • FAQs About Los Angeles International Airport

    If you still have queries about Los Angeles International Airport, our list of frequently asked questions should help. If not, leave a comment with your question, and we’ll endeavor to add them to the list.


    How early should I arrive for my flight from LAX?

    The airport defers to the airlines for information on arrival times for specific flights. However, it does note that there are enhanced security measures at the airport, which can take some time to complete. As such, it is recommended that extra time is built into your itinerary, particularly during peak times of 06:30 - 09:00 for domestic flights, 11:00 - 14:00, and 20:00 - 23:00 for international and some domestic.


    Do I need to pre-book parking?

    Most of the parking at LAX cannot be pre-booked and has been operating for many years on a ‘turn up and hope’ basis. However, all that is set to change as LAX rolls out its smart parking technology to more locations, allowing passengers to pre-book (at a discount) and have their space allocated to them. 

    This is good for customer experience, good for passengers, and a win for the environment, too - imagine all the CO2 being saved by not having cars driving around garages in circles looking for parking spots. Some spaces are already available for reservation here, and as the project moves forward, more will become available. 

    LAX Economy Parking Lot
    Photo: Los Angeles World Airports

    Is there disabled parking?

    There are extra-wide parking spots adjacent to elevators on every level of the parking structures at LAX. Only vehicles with disabled placards or license plates are allowed to park here.


    Can I store luggage at LAX?

    There is no luggage storage on site; however, if you have a longer layover, there are various companies that will pick up and drop off luggage, or store a bag for you.


    What if I’ve lost something at LAX?

    The airport recommends checking with the last place you had your item, be that the airline, shops, or in transit. However, if you think you lost something in a public area at the airport, such as in the gate area, ticketing counters, etc., LAX Lost and Found may have your item.


    Is there WiFi and charging points at the airport?

    There is free public WiFi throughout the airport, with access provided for 45-minute sessions. Select ‘_LAX Free WiFi’ from the connections list, and watch a short 15 or 30-second ad to get connected. Upgraded high-speed WiFi is available from Boingo for $14.99 per month.

    Charging is available at various games in all terminals. As terminal open lounges are refurbished and updated, more charging points are being installed to make keeping powered up even easier.

    LAX TBIT concourse-1
    Photo: Los Angeles World Airports

    Is there a kid’s play area at LAX?

    Yes, you will find a fun play area in TBIT, themed like a beach and perfect for children aged 2 - 11. There’s a slide, an interactive light table and various soft shapes for children to get active before having to sit for a while on the flight.


    Can I nurse my baby?

    There are nursing stations in every terminal of LAX, including the new West Gates. Check the terminal map for your nearest facility.


    What facilities are available for my pet?

    Pet relief areas are available at three locations before security, and in every terminal post-security.
    Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 16.13.02-1


    Does LAX have therapy dogs?

    It does indeed. In fact, LAX works with Therapy Dogs Inc to provide an initiative it calls the Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP) program. Dogs are the volunteers' own animals, and passengers are encouraged to pet and photograph the dogs if they see them out and about.

    LAX therapy dogs


    Is there an art gallery at LAX?

    There is all sorts of art available to enjoy at Los Angeles International. Around the terminals and main areas, you’ll find permanent installations like the Air Garden by Ball-Nogues and the Bell Tower by Mark Bradford, both in TBIT. Alongside these are various permanent, semi-permanent and rotating exhibitions of all shapes and sizes.

    Los Angeles Airport Air Garden art installation
    As well as visual art, LAX supports performing artists through its platform for performance, with new musicians and singers visiting all the time. In 2022, artists including Jessica Fichot, Darynn Dean and the Gumbo Brothers all entertained passengers at the airport - check the website to see who’s coming next.


    Do you have any more questions about LAX? Ask them below and we’ll do our best to add them to our FAQs.