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View of a football stadium from inside an airplane.  1
How Flying Has Changed For Major League Soccer Teams In Recent Years

How the North American league finally allowed teams to use chartered flights.

The Thai AirAsia Leicester City Airbus A320 on the runway. 1
The Story Of Thai AirAsia's Leicester City-Liveried Airbus A320

The aircraft has now worn its special livery for almost six years.

someone using a football at a park as an aircraft travels overhead. 1
How To Watch The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup On Planes This Summer

It is becoming increasingly easy to watch live sport in the air.

TC-LLM Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (1) 1
Ronaldinho, Cafu & Steven Gerrard Fly Business Class In Turkish Airlines' UEFA Champions League Film

The video shows a captivating journey of Brazilian freestyler Adonias Fonseca.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 Front Profile 1
Turkish Airlines Opens Football-Themed Exhibition In Its Istanbul Business Class Lounge

Istanbul is gearing up to host this year's Champions League final.

Eurowings Airbus A320 Borussia Dortmund Livery 1
Did You Know: Eurowings Uses A Special Flight Number When Transporting Borussia Dortmund

The number in question has close ties to the German football cub.

2Excel Aviation Boeing 737 1
Liverpool FC Blame Fixture Congestion In Defense Of Contentious 175-Mile Newcastle Flight

The squad were airborne for around half an hour after their victory on Saturday evening.

Eastern Airways ATR 72 1
Nottingham Forest FC Criticized For Flying To Blackpool FA Cup Match

Some have branded the team's short flights as unnecessary.

fleet-a380realmadrid-202201 1
The Real Deal: Emirates Transports Real Madrid To Riyadh Onboard A Specially-Liveried Airbus A380

The new livery will feature on the Airbus A380 for five months.

De_Havilland_Canada_DHC-5D_Buffalo_AN2223057 1
How A Pilot Error Led To The Loss Of A Golden Generation Of Zambian Footballers In 1993

Following a fault in the left engine, the pilot mistakenly switched off the functioning right engine due to a poor indicator light bulb.

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Fans put on football stickers to a 737 on the roof of a shopping mall in Contagem, Minas Gerais state, Brazil 1
Brazilian Shopping Center Puts Boeing 737-200 On Roof, Public Decorates With Football Stickers

Football fans have been enticed to stick photos of footballers to a 737-200 in Brazil, parked on the roof of a shopping mall in Contagem.

Qatar Airways Airbus A380-861 A7-API (2) (1) 1
Aviation's Relationship With The FIFA World Cup

The World Cup began in an era before mass air travel but has expanded considerably and now relies on aviation to be successful.

Virgin Atlantic A350 landing at Heathrow Airport  1
Virgin Is Flying Its Pride Plane To Doha: But Crew Can't Choose Their Uniforms

"Rain Bow" is on its way to Doha, but crew are not allowed to express their self-identified gender through their uniforms for safety reasons.

Private Jet 1
How The FIFA World Cup Prompts Surges In Demand For Private Jets

Qatar is spending 229 billion euros to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 Borussia Dortmund Livery 1
Which Airlines Have Had Liveries Promoting German Football Teams?

Several clubs have been represented by various different carriers.

Lufthansa Airbus A330 1
Lufthansa Renews German Football Partnership Ahead Of Doha World Cup

The DFB and Lufthansa Group have renewed another partnership for the next four years.

Royal Air Maroc Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner CN-RGZ 1
How Royal Air Maroc Is Preparing For The World Cup

The airline is adding 3,000 seats at about half of the regular ticket price for the group round.

Qatar-Airways 1
Qatar Airways Gets In The World Cup Spirit With Latest Advertisement

Qatar Airways has launched a new advertising campaign to inspire soccer fans everywhere.

Emirates Airbus A380 Arsenal 1
What Happened To Emirates' Arsenal-Liveried Airbus A380?

The livery celebrated the carrier's partnership with the club.

Etihad Boeing 787 Manchester City 1
The Story Of Etihad Airways' Manchester City-Liveried Widebodies

Two of the carrier's twinjets have featured the club's sky blue color scheme.